May/June Bulletin 2018

Hello and welcome back to Holy Family website.

I apologize for the late posting of this, the last bulletin of the church year for us.

Please feel free to browse through and see what’s happening, or has happened in the past month(s).
The end of June we will break from Sunday services as many of our families travel back to their homelands or go on holidays. Father Peerlinck will continue to say mass for the Flemish parish through the summer months. Anyone wishing to, may join in that service or, if you prefer mass in English, the Cathedral of Antwerp has a service every Saturday evening in English at 5:30. You are always welcome there as well.

Our Parish picnic is next week. If you haven’t already and would like to sign up to join us, please see the post titled “Annual Picnic Sign Up”

I wish you all a very pleasant and safe summer. Where ever your holiday travels take you, I hope you can return home refreshed and ready to begin again your daily tasks.

See you again in August!


May-June 2018 bulletin