I just wanted to let you know a little what’s going on with our parish at Don Bosco Chapel.
The last couple years, attendance at Holy Family has been dropping pretty regular. The fact that there are not many ex pats anymore and the English mass at the Cathedral has hurt Holy Family.
At our last Parish Council meeting we made the decision to stop. Less than 10 people attending mass is not enough to warrant Fr. Peerlinck,who will be 86 in November, to keep making the trek from Antwerp to Schoten every week. Attending mass in a close to empty chapel also, is not very inspirational. Pretty much, the parish council and a handful of others is the extent of the parish.
That being said, it’s been decided that Christmas Eve mass this year will be the last time we will celebrate the Eucharist as a parish. The Sunday mass before that will be a special mass of thanksgiving for the 47 years we were blessed to celebrate as a parish. There will be a social gathering after that mass as normal but that then, will be the last of those since, after the Christmas Eve mass, everyone rushes off to their own celebrations.
If you will happen to be in the area, and would like to join us for either of those masses or any others leading up to those, we would love to see you. ❤

If you can’t/won’t be able to join us for the mass before Christmas and you would like to drop a note to Fr. Peerlinck or any one of the council members with your thoughts on this, any comments about the time you were with us, we would be happy to hear from you. They haven’t said for sure but I had the impression any notes or emails would be mentioned, like Fr. has always done with, for instance, Christmas greetings from past parishioners. If you would like to send something to me, I can include it in our last bulletin which will publish October 29th and post on November 2 .

Hope to hear from you!