Hi everyone, this is the new web site of the Holy Family community in Antwerp. Enjoy it and don’t be shy to collaborate by registering, posting and commenting.

I appreciate the help of Mupcow Multimedios and Latinblogger for the space in the server.

Best wishes and enjoy posting.

11 thought on “Welcome”

  1. Belen

    Hola Victor, Parece que falta la primera “I” en el siguiente texto: “History of the Parish.

    ?n 1972 a group of American Catholic expatriates, led by Mrs. Mia Deters, approached the Bishop of …”

    Me gustaria tener la informacion de cuando nos reunimos (hora y dia) y un telefono de contacto que puede ser del Padre: 03.232.2546.

    Mil gracias por todo tu tiempo en hacer esta pg!

  2. Victor Post author

    Hi Belen, the main idea of the site is that everyone can write on it. Of course somebody has to evaluate and moderate the contents. But the idea is that anybody in the community has acces to publish a post and comment.

    That´s why we have to get together to teach how to do it and how to populate the site.

    Thanks for the comment on the page pf History, the error has been corrected


  3. Belen

    Viv, It’s quite easy to post messegese. Just go to comments-add your own- that’s it!
    See you tomorrow,

  4. Victor Post author

    Yes indeed, is quite easy to comment a post…

    To make a new post you have to be register.. but any person can regiter, i´m creating a couple of pages explaining how to register and write…

    Grettings to everybody.


  5. Rosanne

    Would you look at this?!?! A Parish website! How great is that??
    Fantastic job Victor! I’m still looking, but so far it looks wonderful! Also, if you would like the electronic copy of the bulletin each month, I would be happy to send it, or you could teach me how to post it myself and I could do that. Just let me know.
    Thanks so much for all you’ve done! Keep up the great work!

  6. Linda Jane

    Victor (and Belen),

    this is amazing….I feel guilty that I just couldn’t do more to get this off the ground…..

    What a gift Victor to the Parish…I’ll talk to you more about it when I see you and I will read through the site carefully and make any detailed comments on content and presentation…but WOW, the first impression is amazing! Have you sent the link to the Parish Council for comment?

    God bless,

    : )

    Linda Jane

  7. Victor

    Linda, I think Belen send a mail to the parish council in order to propagate the news, but tomorrow we can tell eveybody about it.

    I will expect all comments on content and presentation, as this is a collective site, the ideas of everybody are more than welcome.

    I hope everybody enjoy it and expect a lot of participation and feedback on the posts. I hope you and all can register and start posting a soon as possible.


  8. lindajanegrantham

    yeah…duh…I saw that Belen sent the email to the Council….sorry…I am just about to send you my comments…..(I’ve been thinking of you (and Azucena) a lot lately.

    Today is a special day for you.

    : )

    see you in a few hours…(yeiks…I MUST try to go to bed..OMG)

  9. Belen

    I love this idea of comments. It makes ou parish even more special! Well, almost everything is ready for the picnic. I hope we have good weather and a great time.

    See you soon, Belen

  10. Belen

    VIctor, We need to update this site. Dates, directory parish councils. If you need this info, please let me know. We decide it to have 3 mall groups for the classes. One thursday evening, on friday evening and one satu morning after 11am! 😉

    C U soon,


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